Objective: Predict Customer Loyalty Score


1. Business Problem

2. Data description

3. EDA and Correlation Analysis

4. Data preparation/Feature engineering

5. Model definition

6. Custom Ensemble

7. Productionizing

8. Conclusion and Future Research

9. References

The competition is organized by Elo one of the largest payment brands in Brazil has…

Hypothetical case: You are a Data Analyst in a company called ‘RapidApps’, that creates Android apps and places it on playstore. Your account manager reaches out to you and asks you to check which paid apps are undervalued and whose price can be tweaked without affecting the demand. …

Hypothetical case: You are a Data Analyst at ‘WeMart’ Inc. Your boss has asked you to identify ‘Valuable customers’ to mail some gift coupons to encourage them to visit stores, thereby boosting sales. We have 2000 $ as budget.

Your next question would be “How can we determine who are…

Let us look at the used car sales at eBay Kleinanzeigen, a classifieds section of the German eBay website.

The data has some characters which cannot be read by default encoding - ‘UTF-8’. So, you might want to use Latin-1 orWindows-1252 encodings.

info() method reveals that there are 20 columns…

Air Pollution from factories

Here we have air pollution data for the city of Skopje, Macedonia.
The measurements go back ~10 years and include 6 measuring stations. The measurements are taken every hour but there is a lot of missing data and some of the stations are active just for a few years.


A team at 538 surveyed ‘Star Wars’ fans on Survey Monkey and collected 800+ responses. Dataset can be found here. https://github.com/fivethirtyeight/data/tree/master/star-wars-survey

Let us look at what insights we can find here.

The dataset has some characters not in Python’s default encoding ‘UTF-8’, so we need to use encoding ‘ISO-8859–1’. …


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